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Our blogger in Brazil

Dutch journalist Vincent de Vries is in Brazil covering the World Cup. During the next few weeks, he'll regularly be writing exclusive stories for AkzoNobel, bringing us all the color and excitement.


The real championsThe real champions   
Brazil may have lost out on the cup, but we’re helping to bring joy to children in São Paulo.   
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Colorful impressionsColorful impressions  
Will the real Maradona please stand up?  
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Creative BraziliansCreative Brazilians 
During the World Cup, people aren't just being inventive on the pitch. 
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The World Cup selfieThe World Cup selfie
A behind-the-scenes tale of selfie-snapping journalists.
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The feel-good factorThe feel-good factor
A fan from Rio explains why Brazil is turning orange.
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The colors of Santa MartaThe colors of Santa Marta  
Discover how we helped to transform a favela in Rio.  
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Viktoria's looks and headdressViktoria’s secret 
Our blogger catches up with a Russian fan who’s turning heads.  
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Football is artFootball as art

Find out how the residents of Rio are quite literally drawing inspiration from football’s World Cup.
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The magic of the MaracanãThe magic of the Maracanã

Renovated with our coatings, find out what makes the famous stadium so special.
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Green, blue and yellowGreen, blue and yellow
Travel the streets of Brazil to experience how a passion for football is being displayed through color.
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Carnival revisitedCarnival revisited
Catch up with the new “queen of Brazil” and find out what she’s doing outside the Maracanã Stadium in Rio.
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