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Our Strategy

Leading market positions delivering leading performance

Strategy diagram

Early in 2013, we launched a new company strategy aimed at delivering leading performance by building on our leading market positions in paints, coatings and specialty chemicals. 

Central to our vision is a strong focus on four key end-user segments, which will enable us to get closer to our customers and be much more responsive to the dynamics of the markets in which we operate. These end-user segments are Buildings and Infrastructure, Transportation, Consumer Goods and Industrial.  

To help us achieve our vision, we have developed a set of Strategic focus areas and Core processes, which in turn are driven by a series of key Actions. 

This disciplined, customer-focused approach is fundamental to our continued success and will enable us to realize our ambitions while creating value for all stakeholders. 

Strategic ambitions: 
  • Achieve return on sales (operating income/revenue) of 9.0 percent by 2015 
  • Achieve return on investment (operating income/average 12 months invested capital) of 14.0 percent by 2015 
  • Maintain net debt/EBITDA lower than 2.0 by 2015 
  • Increase revenue from downstream eco-premium solutions to 20 percent of our revenues by 2020 
  • Reduce our carbon emissions through the value chain (excluding Scope 4) by 25 to 30 percent per ton by 2020 (2012 base) 
  • Improve resource efficiency across the full value chain