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Urban design must consider climate change

The effects of urbanization and raw material and energy scarcity are converging in dangerous ways in our cities. And with city living set to continue rising, the challenges are only going to increase.

In order to harness this projected growth and make cities better places to live and work, we have to turn these challenges into clear opportunities. How? By proving that the planet will be able to support the lives of nine billion people by 2050.

To do this, we must use our ambition and imagination to deal more efficiently with the world’s resources. We have to prove that there can be infinite possibilities in a finite world.

We have therefore adopted a strategy at AkzoNobel focused on radical resource efficiency. Our future hinges on our ability to do more with less, so we are working closely with customers and suppliers to develop more sustainable solutions for the built environment, including the areas of VOC reduction, durability, protection, safety and well-being. We call our strategy Planet Possible.
Urban design must consider climate change

Download the complete Human Cities initiative booklet (PDF - 5MB)