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Urban heritage needs to be embraced

As a company which dates back nearly 400 years, we believe that a more careful approach needs to be adopted when it comes to balancing old and new in the cities of today and tomorrow.

Nobody wants to live in a non-descript place, which has no sense of its history or itself. Because the fading of our urban heritage means the fading of our collective identity.

So it’s vital that we do all we can to protect our urban heritage, which can have important long-term benefits. For example, our involvement in the Rijksmuseum restoration and various UNESCO projects has proved the value of heritage sites in attracting tourists and acting as anchor institutions for local communities, stimulating additional local developments.

We therefore believe that when considering new projects, planners and architects must embrace a city’s urban heritage – and preserve places that are important to all sections of the community – in order to make the past a part of the future.
Urban heritage needs to be embraced

Download the complete Human Cities initiative booklet (PDF - 5MB)